How to Produce Consistent Low-Risk / High-Reward Income With Options

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  • The unique options trick that allows you to make money while you wait to buy stocks or ETFs at the price you want (one of Warren Buffett's secret techniques).
  • The options income strategy that allows you to make consistent money whether the market goes up, down, or sideways.
  • How to make money on a stock or index trade even if you're outright wrong on the direction (the stock can do the exact opposite of what you predict, and you'll still win).

About SMB Capital

SMB Capital is a proprietary trading desk in New York City co-founded by Mike Bellafiore and Steven Spencer in 2005. The firm has been growing steadily through many different market conditions, making them one of the most successful and lasting proprietary trading firms on Wall Street. They currently have dozens of traders on their midtown Manhattan desk, many of whom are 7-figure a year traders. Their founders and traders have been featured in the highly popular television series, Wall Street Warriors, and they are regular guests on numerous financial networks like CNBC and Bloomberg TV.


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